New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 is finally over and it’s time to start fresh and make some new resolutions for this year. Remember to be realistic in your goals, take them one step at a time, and be concise.

It’s great if you make a resolution to “eat healthier”, but how is that defined? How can you track “healthier”? It would be better to say, for instance, “I am only going to eat out once a week, and I will eat at least 1/2 a cup of vegetables per day.” That way you can clearly track it and if you break your rules, say you ate out twice that week because hey, life happens, then you can say okay, I won’t eat out at all next week. Also remember that just because you might “fall off the wagon” one day/week, that doesn’t mean you have failed and you should quit. Just jump right back on it the next day and keep trying your best! Make your resolution a daily task instead of the whole year, and you will do much better overall.

Our resolution this year is to finish creating our new menu and launch it by spring! We are working hard to keep improving and exploring new recipes to give you the highest quality, most delicious food possible. One of our new additions to the menu will be low-carb meals, which we hope will help any dieters to keep their resolution!

Please keep watch for that new menu on our website and Facebook! We wish you all the best this year, as always!

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