Planning Your Holiday Party

Planning Your Holiday Party

You have decided to take on the duty of throwing the annual Holiday party! This is always a very exciting decision, however once you start planning you realize there are a thousand decisions that need to be made in a short period of time. Choose a date, decide your location, determine your budget, choose your guest list, purchase the decorations, decide on the music… the list goes on forever! What did you just remember last minute? Oh yeah, you have to provide food for the party!! Forgetting to plan a meal for your guests can send you into a stress-filled frenzy, that’s why deciding whether or not to hire a catering service should be at the top of your list. Will you attempt the task of self-catering for your guests? Or do you choose a professional caterer?

Catering the meal on your own:

The decision to cater your own Holiday party has its own set of pros and cons: your main goal will be to try and save some money, as a professional caterer can sometimes be expensive. If the gathering that you have planned will be for a smaller group, and you have some experience cooking meals for a party (or someone else to help you out) it may be simpler to prepare the food yourself. However, it is very easy to one: over-purchase and have an absurd amount of leftovers, or two: under-purchase and have to run out to the store in the middle of the party in a frenzy; leaving all of your guests hungry and uncomfortable. Both errors diminish your goal to save money.

Hiring a caterer:

There are many advantages of hiring a caterer, especially for larger events. The caterers are more knowledgeable in determining the amounts of food that will be required for the size of party you wish to have, as well as what food items will have your guests drooling for more. Although initially it may seem like you are spending more money hiring a caterer, you could end up saving a significant amount of money in the end by having the perfect amount of food, and avoiding all of the stress that comes with cooking and serving the meal.

By hiring a professional caterer for your Holiday party, you will be able to finally relax and enjoy your own gathering. There is nothing better then spending quality time with your friends and family without having to run back into the kitchen every five minutes to check on the food (you will actually be able to sit through the annual Pictionary game!). Let the professionals worry about the organization of the Holiday meal; they have the experience and passion to ensure the party runs smoothly. Your time is better spent appreciating your family and friends, creating bonds with new guests, and thoroughly enjoying your own party!

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