6 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Catering Menu Healthy

6 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Catering Menu Healthy

In 2019, health-conscious eaters are on the rise; it seems more people are choosing vegetables and proteins over fatty meats and carbs. In order to serve your guests a meal that is healthy while still tasting delicious, keep these catering menus and serving ideas in mind:

Add in Veggies

Change up the traditional meat menu items by offering a vegetarian option over the original meat dish. Instead of a beef burger, try a portobello mushroom burger or add in a stuffed pepper instead of carbs on the side. These healthier menu ideas are great options to keep your guests’ blood pressure happy while still retaining delicious flavour and getting their daily serving of vegetables.

Avoiding Plated Dinners

Plated dinners make some guests feel obligated to finish all the food on their plate, opt for buffet catering- this allows guests to pick their own portion sizes instead of forcing themselves to eat everything that is being placed in front of them by someone else.

Plate Sizes

Our eyes are definitely bigger than our stomachs, and with larger plates we are tempted to fill it to the brim with more food then our body can handle. Use a smaller sized plate and allow guests to fill it. This not only looks full, but eating all the food off of smaller plates visually trick guests into feeling fuller.

Choose Leaner Proteins

Instead of offering burgers or steak, try and choose lighter proteins such as chicken or fish. These lean meats are healthier for your guests’ bodies and can be served in many different ways to please your variety of attendees. A favourite fish to serve is salmon, as it is a super food that is rich in omega-3 acids and is a great source of protein for your guests.

Rid Yourself of Bread and Butter

Bread baskets on tables are very common at events, but they cause most guests to fill up on carbs before the main course is brought out. Consider ridding the table of the bread basket all together, while it is a nice touch on the table it adds no nutritional value. If you are set on including bread, substitute regular bread with gluten free bread or offer guests healthier crostinis before dinner.

Choosing the Right Dessert

Many hosts feel it is mandatory to serve their guests dessert, if you feel this way consider switching out the traditional cakes, brownies, and heavily sugar filled desserts for a variety of fruits, nuts, and vegan/gluten free desserts. This gives your guests who are still hungry a chance to eat something that will leave them feeling satisfied, instead of leaving them in a sugar coma.

As people are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, there are many small and easy substitutions that you can make to your usual menu that will be healthier for your guests. You can incorporate a health-conscious catering menu that will be just as delicious as what your guests are used to, and the most important- it will be good for them!